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I posted some rather large edited screencaps to my Tumblr. Frankly, they'd screw up my layout if I posted them here.

They're available here if anyone wants to see them.

All I ask is that if you use them for anything, please credit me.

Original screencap credit to Tumblr users screencapped/needwantdefiance.
Please comment and credit me if you're taking.
There are icons of others besides the Tarrs - this is just a random preview ;-)

Total Icon Count: 34


Icons Here!Collapse )

And a bonus graphic just cause he's beautiful:
 photo nolan_zps23c39e7e.jpg

Defiance 1x01: Pilot Icons

I haven't made icons in a very long time so I'm probably out of practice.
These are very simple - no animations or anything like that. I did play with colors and effects on quite a few of them.
If you're interested, click the link for 52 icons.
If you take/use any, please credit me.
Original images credited to Tumblr user: screencapped.

Total Icon Count: 52


Icons Here!Collapse )

TWD 3x01: Seed - Screencaps and Icons

So I decided to play with screencaps. This post is image heavy - dial-up users, run screaming. No one will think less of you, I swear.

These are free for the taking but, if you do, please credit me for the edits. Thanks! <3

Original screencaps credit to gallicka at gallicka

Lots of caps under the cutCollapse )

I made some icons too, just for shits and giggles. Nothing at all complicated - they're very simple but, if you like them, you're welcome to use them :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
This is my entry for bontemps20in20 Round 17
Credit to this site for the caps used.
Comments & credit are awesome!
Hotlinkers will be staked out and left for the sun - don't do it!
Sorry for the wonky formatting - I have no idea what causes that!
Enjoy! ♥

See moreCollapse )

TWD2x09: Triggerfinger Icons

I'm trying something new with my icons for the episodes. I thought that, instead of letting them pile up until I've got almost 100 of them, I'm going to post them 20 at a time. We'll see how that works :-)

Credit to gallicka for the caps.
Comments & credit are lovely!
Hotlinkers will be fed to my hungry little friend there - don't do it.
Enjoy! ♥

Total Icon Count: 20


Icons Here!Collapse )

TWD2x09 Triggerfinger Edited Screencaps

This is part 2 of the edited screencaps bit - yesterday was dedicated to some zombie love :-)
Credit to gallickafor the caps
These have all been marked for Tumblr.
Hope you like 'em!

It's a zombie!

This post is dedicated to the brave little zombie that ALMOST got to eat Lori Grimes. That's Joe Giles under the makeup - he was also this guy back in season 1:


Y'all know Milo by now, right? Joe is one of the sweetest guys to ever walk the earth - pure awesome!

Anyway, some of these caps turned out so brilliantly! I had to show them all off. I sent the unmarked ones to the Man yesterday so he could have a set. These are marked for Tumblr.

Some of these are a touch on the graphic side but I'm completely enthralled with the way the skin tears over the glass. Excellent effects work!

See moreCollapse )

bontemps20in20 Round 16 Banners

Buncha banners below the jump - I did pretty well in the last round :-)

Pretties live hereCollapse )

TWD2x08: Nebraska Edited Caps

As I noted in my icons posts, I've been playing with/learning new photo editors. Mostly, these are just me having fun but I actually really do like quite a few of them.

Credit to gallicka for the unedited caps.
Comments are lovely ♥
These are marked for Tumblr - it's just easier to save them once than to have multiple copies.


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