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TWD2x08: Nebraska Icon Share

This is the second half of my Nebraska set.
This is where I switched photo editors too.
I did a lot of Michael Raymond-James even though he was only in this one episode. I kinda have a thing for him so... icons :-)

Credit to gallicka for the caps pack.
Comments & credit are really lovely & make me smile
Hotlinkers will be shot in the knee and left for walkers
Enjoy! ♥

Total Icon Count: 38


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TWD 2x08: Nebraska Icons (Part 1 of 2)

These are the first half of my Nebraska icons. I'll post the second half at some point today, I'm sure.
I'm still learning/playing with new photo editors - I'm not 100% crazy about all of these but I'm posting them anyway.
I may go back and redo this episode completely some time in the future, who knows?

Credit to gallicka for the caps.
Comments & credit are lovely & awesome.
Hotlinkers will be shot in the knee and left for walkers.
Enjoy! ♥

Total Icon Count: 39


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Playing with a new photo editor

Since picnik.com is closing this month, I and several of my other icon-making friends are scrambling to find something to fill that void. I've been using iPiccy.com, which is a good one. It's got some good effects and it's very user-friendly.

I got pinged earlier by one of my friends to tell me about picmonkey.com. It's very user-friendly as well and has a lot of effects that I like. I started playing around with some 1x01 TWD caps, thought I'd post the results.

See more...Collapse )

Sadly, still no mirrored frame option anywhere *sigh* I'm really going to miss that about picnik! :(
bontemps20in20 is on its 17th round!! It's very exciting and we'd love to have some more participants and voters over there!

We're just not signing up for round 17 so there's plenty of time to get in.

Click the pic-link below to go to the sign-up page!

This is my entry for bontemps20in20 Round 16.
Credit to this site for the caps used.
I'm still learning my way with a new photo editor - it feels like I'm starting all over from scratch. I hope you enjoy at least some of these anyway :)
I apologize for the formatting in the table - I have no idea what borked it :(

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TWD 2x08 & 2x09 icons

Just a few this time, all of them Daryl and Shane.
I was playing with a new photo editor since Picnik is going away soon (*wails*)
Mostly I was just having fun and screwing around. Some of the results are WAY better than others!
If you like any of these, feel free to snag them.
Comments & credit are awesome & give me warm fuzzies.
Hotlinkers will be shot in the knee and left for walkers.
Credit to the awesome galadhfea for the unedited caps.

Total Icon Count: 32


Icons Here!Collapse )

I'll post the edited caps in a separate post.

bontemps20in20 Round 15 banners

I'll just park these here where I can pet them from time to time :-)




TWD 2x07: Pretty Much Dead Already Icons

59 icons
Mostly Shane, cause he's who I'm into but there are some of everyone, I promise.
Except the surprise!zombie at the end. How on earth did I not icon her?!?! I'll do that & post some asap.
Credit to gallicka for the caps used.
Want. Take. Have.
Comments & credit give me warm fuzzies.
Hotlinkers will be shot in the knee and left for walkers to nom on. Don't do it.
Enjoy ♥

Total Icon Count: 59


Icons Here!Collapse )
Part 2 of 2
Credit to gallicka for the unedited caps
If you want to use any of these for icons or whatever, feel free but please credit me since I did work them over before posting.
If you want unedited caps, hit up gallicka and download your own set. :-) They're gorgeous, I swear!
Enjoy! ♥

If you want to live, if you want to survive, you're going to fight for it. I'm talking about fight. Right here. Right now.Collapse )
Credit to gallicka for the unedited caps.
This is only half - the next batch will be posted soon!
If you like any of these & want to use them for anything, please feel free but credit me since I did spend a good bit of time working them over before posting.
Enjoy! ♥

The wait is almost over!!Collapse )


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